Hi, my name is Abbas Sekimwanyi - but you don't have to try to pronounce my last name - just call me Abbas!
Born and raised in Uganda, I grew up with a high standard of both cleaning and self sufficiency. After studying entrepreneurship and business, I decided to travel the world. After many adventures, I found a new home in the Netherlands. It was time to do what I always wanted: start a business and be of service to others. 

And what better way to do this than to start a service company? With a little help finding my way in the thick forests of Dutch entrepreneurship, I founded my business and am now the proud owner of Danish Clean & Services.

I love cleaning, coming in when there's a mess and leaving a house crisp and fresh. Give me any cleaning or gardening job, and I'll work hard to get it done - either alone or with my associates who work just as detailed as I do.


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